If automobile technology had advanced as fast as backpacking gear has in the last 40 years, cars would last 50 years without maintenance, run silently, and fold up to store in a closet. A slight exaggeration maybe, but backpacking gear today is vastly superior to gear a decade ago. However these advances have added a wide array of styles and setups in tents, backpacks and stoves.
At A Walk in the Woods, we do not just hand you a pile of gear and wish you good luck. All of our gear rentals are by appointment only. We schedule the time to properly match a backpack to your frame, and train you to be an expert in adjusting it to maintain comfort, and show you how to pack it. We will set the tent up with you, light the stove and purify water with the filter. Before you leave, you will be comfortable in the use of all the equipment you rent from us.
Plus we will talk to you about your planned trip, give you the latest mountain weather forecast, and help you with final decisions on what to take and what to leave behind.
We rent everything you need for a successful backpacking trip except for clothes, boots and food!

A partial list of gear we rent:


Backpacks: Dana Design, Mountainsmith, Lowe, Kelty, Jansport.
Tents: Sierra Designs, Eureka!, REI, Coleman.
Sleeping Bags: North Face, REI, Coleman.
Sleeping Pads Therm-A-Rest
Water Filter: MSR
Stoves Primus, Peak1, Coleman.
Lanterns: Coleman.
Also, we rent water bottles, messkits, coolers, tarps, pack shovels, flashlights, hiking sticks, and more.
Write Us for pricing and availability, or
call (865) 436-8283



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