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What! You do not have years to devote to planning your backpacking trip into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Well, don't worry, we do!

There are over 800 miles of maintained trails in the Park offering a wide range of experiences. Old growth forests, huge trees, the highest mountains in the east, remote wilderness, historic relics, waterfalls, elevations ranging from 800 to 6,700 feet - the Park offers a multitude of unique experiences. Let A Walk in the Woods help you get the most out of your backpacking trip.

We start with a questionnaire where you rank the importance of various aspects of the Park's experience, your ability and experience levels, and the details of your trip like dates, number of people, and so on. Then based on your answers, we try to build a trip that matches your ability levels and expectations to the trails.
We then provide you with a Backpacking Trip Pak, consisting of a detailed day by day description of your trip, what you are likely to encounter along the way, summary of the route with miles and elevation change broken down by day, and a Park map with your route highlighted. We will make Park reservations and provide you a Park Permit. We will also give you advice on what to bring, what not to, and answer questions about preparation for your trip.
Trip planning costs just $50 plus $7 per person per night you spend in the backcountry (This price includes the new Park Backcountry Permit Fee). A small price to pay for years of experience and to help you get the most out of your Smoky Mountain backpack.

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