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These trips are designed with the often neglected woman in mind. With these hands on experiences you will both challenge and nurture your mind, body and spirit. From beginning backpacking, to luxury glamping retreats, to more challenging trips, your experienced female guides will help to make this wilderness experience as safe and fulfilling as possible. You’ll learn wilderness skills, backpacking skills, and how to feel comfortable in the woods both day and night, in a variety of programs designed to help you feel more connected to the natural world. These trips are dedicated to building confidence in each woman backpacker, day hiker or camper. Our women’s groups are small enough to allow us to get to know one another and to work together as a team - with assurance, trust, and humor. These trips emphasize confidence building, which helps to create a feeling of ease in nature allowing a person to connect to the deeper layers of the wilderness experience. That indescribable sense of belonging to the world, indeed of belonging to the universe, is an essential part of knowing our true selves. Coming full circle, we bring back that sense of knowing deeply that we are inextricably part of the web of the universe. We bring it back to our families, our work and our society.
Title of Trip Women in Wilderness
Three Days Two Nights
$469 total/includes all backpacking gear, meals and guide.
$429 total if you provide your own backpacking gear.
Outing size restricted to 8 people total including guide.
Rating Moderate. For beginner and intermediate backpackers.
Upcoming Dates
March 25th - 27th (Friday - Sunday) - CLOSED
April 15th - 17th (Friday - Sunday) - CLOSED
May 6th - 8th (Friday - Sunday) - CLOSED
May 28th - 30th (Saturday - Monday) - CLOSED
June 10th - 12th (Friday - Sunday) - FULL
July 8th - 10th (Friday - Sunday) - FULL
September 9th - 11th (Friday - Sunday) - FULL
September 16th - 18th (Friday - Sunday)
September 23rd - 25th (Friday - Sunday)
October 7th - 9th (Friday - Sunday)
October 28th - 30th (Friday - Sunday)
To reserve, please call (865) 436-8283 or reserve course online

Need a little time out from your daily life? Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature as your cares drop off like leaves in autumn. Leave your stress behind as you challenge yourself to an adventure. On these trips, you will learn the backpacking secrets of experienced guides, the proper gear to bring, the right way to wear a pack, unlocking the mysteries of pain free long distance hiking and more. Along the way, learn about native plants and their medicinal and edible uses, taste wild foods and teas, learn how to be safe in the wilderness, what to do if lost in the woods, and how to be comfortable while sleeping in the outdoors. This is a time to celebrate your body, to push your limits and discover your hidden strengths. But don't worry, we'll ease into the trip, taking plenty of time for photos and rest, and help you to rediscover your inner kid through games, journaling, laughter and camaraderie. Come to this prepared to make friends, learn about yourself and reconnect with nature.

Title of Trip Women in Wilderness Luxury Glampout
Three Days Two Nights
$625 or $593 with cash discount. Includes luxury front country camping accommodations, gourmet meals, snacks, AM/PM yoga, guided tours by our expert naturalists that include a wild edibles walk, a step back in time, a birding identification stroll, and more.
Outing size restricted to 20 participants.
Rating Easy, for anybody in good health.
Upcoming Dates Sunday Sept 18th - Tuesday Sept 20th. - SOLD OUT

Need time out from your daily life? Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature as your cares drop off like leaves in autumn. Relinquish your burdens as you enjoy a few days free of technology, noise and responsibilities. Our journey will take place in a quiet section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, away from the crowds, surrounded by the beauty of the forest and rare vegetation. Camp in style with roomy tents complete with comfy cots topped with air mattresses. Participants will enjoy a meet and greet, healthy gourmet camp meals, yoga and guided tours. Chose from easy to moderate nature walks that may take you to explore pristine streams, gentle waterfalls, amazing views and more. Enjoy a walk back in time with our history walk. Learn to identify backyard wild edibles on our “Waiter, there's a weed on my plate” excursion. What is that beautiful bird song? We'll take a moment to explore the wonderful world of our fine feathered friends as we walk in an ancient Cove Hardwood forest. Nutrition for the body, mind, and spirit will be provided. Connect with like minded women and experience a fun, intimate environment where you can step out of your comfort zone to realize more of your potential. Leave the makeup bag behind… this is about uncovering the most authentic you.

A Walk in the Woods is starting our 18th year of business. In that time we have safely helped over 73,500 people enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

We are permitted through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and insured. We are certified in Wilderness First Responder, Professional Level CPR and Non-Lethal Aversive Bear Conditioning.

* Please Note : Trekking Poles are an additional $7 per person.

Spaces are limited. Please call: 865-436-8283 or e-mail for reservations and more information.


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